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- Looking at our general advices about the subject.

What do you do with an instrument which is sleeping in your closet ?

There are young musicians who are looking for instruments to study and which will be happy to make it sing !

Professionals are waiting for the exception which will transcend them, and you would be happy that your family instrument finds a musician as high as its qualities.

There are two options for you: the simple sale or the second-hand score.

The price of purchase is usually half the market value minus possible repairs.

In the case of a second-hand score, the price is the one of market. A contract informs you about the sale price of the instrument, the amount or the percentage of the commission (10 % minimum).

In every case, send by mail technical photos of your instrument (Face, back and head profile) with a good quality (> 250 kb).


Back of the instrument. Face of the instrument. Profile of the head of the instrument.


 You must detail dimensions :


Dimensions to give to define the size of an instrument.


Length of the chest, edge to edge without the guard button = C

Tuning pitch, down from the chest (edge) in the internal notches of sound foles (place of the bridge) = D

Length of handle, from splint of down to under the nut bridge (start of vibration string) = M

Breadth 1, 2 and 3











Dimensions suggested in 1903 byAuguste Tolbecque in his book "L'art du luthier" :

(“The violin maker Art”)

Dimensions of Tobecque, 1.Dimensions de Tolbecque, 2.






















Important pieces of advice :


Avoid classified ads which offer too appealing prices (for example 1 500 euros minimum). When the hawker merchant will see your instrument , he will not give you the price he said in his ad. The instrument will be so “ordinary” and in such a bad state that you’ll be ready to leave it for nothing!

You must turn down any offer to exchange your instrument with another one ! Why would someone give you a better quality instrument?


However, if you want to try your luck  this way, never communicate your phone number or your address (in order to avoid nuisance calls or house breaking). Without imagining the worst, an undeclared work seller often hides behind a pseudo collector or a  penniless musician !


It’s better to show your instrument to several violin makers. Don’t accept an appointment in a hurry on evening (5:00 pm or 6:00 pm) because if the offer isn’t high enough, it will be too late and you’ll not be able to play the competitors of against each others !


See the subject about in pamphlet of Lavest in Montluçon, extract of his catalogue published in 1932 !





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